Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. January and February 2019 Newsletter


Happy New Year to all of our Small Wonders children and their families! Marilyn, Dianne, Lauren, Nicole, and Sydney would like to thank all of you for being so generous with Christmas goodies and gifts. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity, and we are truly thankful!

Special Happenings


On Monday, January 21st, there will be no school due to Martin Luther King Junior Day.

On Thursday, February 14th, Small Wonders will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Children will exchange Valentine’s Day cards and have a special snack. If you would like to donate any baked goodies or treats for the children to have at snack time or to take home, please let us know! There will not be a sign up poster. Thank you!

On Monday, February 18th, there will be no school due to President’s Day.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island will visit us with a Preschool Nature Program during the month of February. This is an interactive program designed to teach pre-school aged children about nature and animals.


During the months of January and February, the teachers will be sending home a mid-year evaluation of your child’s progress at Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. At this time, letters will be sent home if your child’s teacher has any concerns about speech, vision, hearing, or learning development issues so that referrals can be made to the appropriate agencies. In accordance with the Massachusetts State law, all evaluations must be signed and returned to Small Wonders and will be kept in your child’s file. You may make a copy of it for your records if you would like to, but we do need the entire original evaluation back; not just the front page with your signature.

We are talking about hibernation! There is a “Bear cave” in the music room. It is located on the stage, please do not let your child go up there without their teacher.  Please have your child bring in a teddy bear to sleep in our bear cave for the winter (during hibernation). All bears will be returned in the spring (after hibernation). We will celebrate spring with our bears by having a Teddy Bear Picnic once all of our bears wake up. (Date to announced at a later time.)

Special Reminders

If there is no school due to weather conditions, such as snow storms, please know the if Swansea Public Schools cancel, then so does Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. However, if the Swansea Public Schools are on vacation, then please listen to the radio, watch the television, or check the appropriate websites, because we will notify the major radio and television stations if we need to close.

Half-day children must be picked up by 12:45pm. Please remind grandparents, friends, etc.

Miss Dianne has an additional line for her full day children. Please be aware of this when you are looking for your child’s papers, work, and projects.

Our make-up days are limited due to increased enrollment. Please do not assume that your child can attend on any day. Please check in advance to see which days are available. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Spirit Week… Spring Fundraiser

Happy New Year and Happy Winter!

We will welcome Spring in the next newsletter!!!

Marilyn E. Bonner


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