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Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. Statement of Purpose and Intake Policy

Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare’s philosophy is to provide preschool age children with an educational and free play environment to further develop their cognitive and social skills. The curriculum and objectives will be planned by the director and teachers for the appropriate age group ranging from 2.9 years to 6 years of age.  These lesson objectives met by the children will be evaluated twice during the school year.  These written evaluations will be sent home and signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the child’s file to be kept at Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare.

Small Wonders was established in August of 1983. Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare offers morning programs as well as full time day care.  The center is open from September to June and daily hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Our preschool program includes children from 2.9 years to 6 years of age.  All children are in appropriate age groups.  Included in the preschool program is a class which includes children who are 5 years old by December 31 or who are currently enrolled  in a Kindergarten program in the afternoon.  Small Wonders is located on the Hoyle School bus  line and bus transportation may be arranged by the parent contacting the Swansea School Department.

Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare is designed to meet the objectives of the cognitive, social and creative developments in preschool age children from 2.9 to 6 years of age.  The daily schedules are posted in the center informing parents of their child’s time for music, art, dramatic play, science, blocks, or cognitive lessons.  Snack, outdoor play, and rest or naptime are also included in the weekly schedule.  Teachers are certified and head teacher qualified to prepare lessons and projects for their groups.

Small Wonders also adds special activities to its program throughout the school year.  These activities include visits from Sparky’s Puppets, magicians, the Audobon  Society, New England Pest Control, a Christmas Concert, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny.  There are also special days such as a Halloween party, Valentine’s Day party, Easter Brunch, field day, and a graduation ceremony for those children attending kindergarten the following school year.  A monthly newsletter will inform parents of these activities in advance.

The director is Marilyn Bonner and she can be reached at 508-379-0896 for appointments to  see the center or to obtain information about the center.  Registrations are accepted at any time during the school year and parents are encouraged to bring their children and families to visit us.

Parents and their children are required to visit the center and meet the director prior to enrollment.  At this time, the director will give a tour of  the center and a description of the center’s daily schedule, introduce teachers, and give the required state forms to the parent.  The tuition and policy handbook as well as a monthly newsletter will also be passed out.

Parents will complete the necessary MA state forms prior to enrollment.  These include a face sheet, a developmental history form, authorization and consent form, and a medical examination form which includes a record of immunization.  These will be kept in a locked file at Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare.  A registration fee of $50.00 will also be paid.  A tuition policy and rate schedule is also included in this packet of forms.

The Director will have a plan to insure that appropriate measures will insure the health requirements of children with disabilities are met.

Progress Reports

Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare Inc. will provide progress reports.  The progress reports will provide observation and documentation of the child’s progress.  The progress report will address the development and growth of the child and will include the cognitive, social and emotional, language, fine and gross motor skills, and life skills appropriate for the child’s age.

School Policy

Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. offers morning and full time day care, as well as before and after kindergarten school care.  The morning program runs from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Our programs have been developed to meet the objective of the cognitive, social, and creative developments of children between the ages of 2 years, 9 months and 7 years of age.

Schedules are posted in the center informing parents of their child’s time for music, art, dramatic play, science, blocks, or cognitive lessons.  Snack, rest, and other play times are also included in our daily schedule.

Tuition Policy

Small Wonders has adopted the following tuition policies to ensure that every family is treated equally and to avoid any confusion.  We thank all of our parents for understanding that these  policies are necessary.

1.  Tuition payments are made the first day your child attends for the week.  All tuition payments will be made one week in advance.  The first tuition payment is due on registration night and paid weekly thereafter.  Small Wonders relies on tuition for its revenue.  Tuition payments are expected on time, weekly.  A late fee of $5.00 per week will be added to the weekly fee.

2.  All children enrolled in our nursery program start the Tuesday after Labor Day & ends in June.  This policy means that parents are responsible to pay tuition until the school year ends.  Regardless if you decide not to send your child to the center, you will be charged tuition until Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare, Inc. ends its’ school year.

3.  Parents must give two weeks notice in writing prior to withdrawing a child from our program. Abrupt withdrawals will be charged two weeks tuition.

4.  A late fee of $10.00 per fifteen minutes will be charged to a parent who is late picking up a child after the program has ended without making prior arrangements with the director.

5.  A $20.00 service charge will be added to all checks that are returned to Small Wonders Daycare, Inc. 

6.  Tuition payments are expected regardless of your child’s attendance.  This includes all holidays and snow cancellations.  Your child may make up missed days within the same week. Credit will not be given if days cannot be made up.

Holiday Closings

  • THANKSGIVING DAY  and the day after
  • CHRISTMAS DAY and the day after

Specific dates will be posted and sent home in the monthly newsletter.

Snow Cancellations

Snow cancellations or delays will be announced on WPRO  AM.  Small Wonders will close or delay if Swansea Schools close or delay.  Nursery and Daycare announcements are made early and not frequently.  If you hear Swansea Schools cancel or delay, then listen no further.

Graduation Day is tentatively Scheduled for early June each year.

Small Wonders Nursery and Daycare Inc. is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.  The telephone number is (508) 828-5025 and the address is 1 Washington Street, Suite 20, Taunton, MA 02780-3960.

Parents may contact the EEC for information regarding the program’s Regulatory compliance history.


We are located at:

21 Baptist Street
Swansea MA, 02777

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